TXOne Networks’ Unique Stellar Solution Safeguards Operational Stability for Organizations in Semiconductors, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Banking, Pharma and Other Verticals

Stellar leverages Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) to prevent unexpected system changes from impacting operational reliability and availability.

TAIPEI, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TXOne Networks, a leader in industrial cybersecurity, announced its Stellar solution for defending operational stability. Employing TXOne Networks’ unique approach to security, Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR), Stellar supports the priorities of security and operations without either team having to sacrifice capability or performance. Already protecting customers in semiconductors, manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceuticals and other many other industries, Stellar is the first solution to offer seamless detection and prevention capabilities with complete oversight for legacy and new OT devices. With intuitive management and informed automation, implementation is quick and simple while remaining non-impacting to resource-restricted devices.

The behavioral patterns of the OT devices and cyber-physical systems on plant floors are automatically established and continuously monitored. Even a single abnormal interaction demands scrutiny that common cybersecurity approaches borrowed from information technology (IT) are often not designed to recognize or address. Stellar, however, analyses the baseline “fingerprints” of each individual device to reveal any unexpected behavior that threaten reliable and stable operations. The TXOne Networks solution then prevents the unexpected change and generates alerts to complete wider analysis. In this way, Stellar is not limited to combatting known threats; rather, by leveraging TXOne Networks’ OT-native CPSDR capabilities, Stellar’s stability-driven approach addresses unexpected system changes before operations can be impacted.

Stellar consists of an agent that works with an organization’s OT devices and a centralized management console that streamlines management and policy control. A comprehensive OT-context-focused database, which TXOne Networks maintains in partnership with leading device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), informs the accurate identification and preservation of more than 8,000 OT/industrial control system (ICS) applications, certificates and devices.

To balance the priorities of security and operations teams, Stellar delivers complete protection of operational environments and the OT devices that they comprise of, including:

  • Multi-method threat prevention to secure OT/ICS devices from malware and abuse threats
  • Operations behavior anomaly detection to prevent malware-free attacks
  • Operation lockdown to safeguard operational integrity, reduce the chance of downtime and reduce the requirements for outages(especially valuable for “non-patchable” systems)
  • Trusted control of USB devices to protect against their unauthorized access

“An increasing number of organizations today recognize OT operations as pivotal hubs for generating business value,” stated Terence Liu, the Chief Executive Officer of TXOne Networks. “Numerous prominent industry leaders across diverse sectors are already entrusting our Stellar Endpoint security solution to safeguard their critical assets. With the introduction of the CPSDR feature in Stellar 3.0, enterprises can uphold operational stability and proactively mitigate unforeseen threats.”

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TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments. TXOne Networks works together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices using a real-time, defense-in-depth approach. www.txone.com

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