SourceLess Brings Its Vision to ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference

SourceLess, a groundbreaking technology company, announces its participation at the prestigious ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference, where founder and CEO Alexandru Stratulat will be a featured speaker. The event is scheduled for June 29-30 in Luxembourg. This participation reflects SourceLess’ commitment to sharing its groundbreaking ideas and insights with the global tech community at this renowned event.

LUXEMBOURG / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2023 / ICT Spring is an acclaimed event within the global tech community that sparks collaboration and innovation between business leaders, innovation managers, startups, researchers, and venture capitalists. The conference is a notable event in Luxembourg’s calendar and is highly regarded for fostering discussions on critical topics such as sustainability, finance & technology, cyber & quantum computing, big data & cloud, health technologies, Web3, and AI.

SourceLess Brings Its Vision to ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference
SourceLess Brings Its Vision to ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference
SourceLess Brings Its Vision to ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference

Alexandru Stratulat, a seasoned blockchain architect and the creator of the SourceLess platform will participate in a round table discussion titled “How AI will disrupt businesses and society in the years to come?”, scheduled for June 30 at 15:05.

Stratulat’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and AI & Machine Learning will offer unique insights into how these technologies can bring about radical changes both in the business landscape and also in society. The company’s slogan: “Connecting every human and ever existing blockchain” is an indication of its commitment to breaking down barriers in technology, fostering universal connectivity, affordability and facilitating the seamless integration of humans and blockchain systems.

SourceLess has embarked on an extraordinary journey to revolutionize the digital realm, and its accomplishments thus far have been nothing short of remarkable. SourceLess has successfully implemented its patented technology in the alpha version, achieving an astonishing feat of writing a block of information in a mere 8 to 10 seconds, surpassing the 12-second mark of a renowned blockchain version 2.0. In a mere two months, with the installation of just 103 SourceLess validator nodes, the same volume of information can now be written in less than a second, establishing SourceLess as the fastest blockchain worldwide. This breakthrough redefines the concept of “Transactions Per Second” to “Transactions Per Millisecond,” exemplifying infinite scalability and unrivaled speed.

Ownership in this ecosystem is lifelong, ensuring that the rules of the game cannot be changed midway. It provides a new world, a native web3, which is poised to solve the issues prevalent in the current web2.

SourceLess is eager to contribute to the dialogue about the future of technology and innovation at ICT Spring 2023 and lay on the table concrete solutions for business operations, enhanced customer experience and sustainable growth.

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Iulian Bondari
Head of Marketing

SOURCE: SourceLess Inc.