Leading Marketplace Wingie Reveals Most Popular Visa-Free and Visa on Arrival Countries for Saudi Arabia Passport Holders

DUBAI, UAE and BERLIN, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to Wingie’s Data, 40% of Saudi travelers booked flights to Cairo 


Considerable expenses and time commitments associated with visa procedures occasionally result in travelers opting for visa-free or visa on arrival routes. For travelers from Saudi Arabia who wish to bypass the complexities of visa application processes, 47 countries are visa-free, while 46 countries allow Saudi travelers to obtain visa on arrival, according to Passport Index. Leading travel marketplace Wingie.com has provided insights into the most frequented routes that Saudi travelers can undertake from their country of origin, enjoying visa-free privileges.

According to Wingie’s data, the most popular visa-free countries were Cairo, with 40% of bookings, UAE with 14%, Thailand with 9%, Philippines with 5%, and continues as Morocco, Georgia, Oman, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Malaysia, and Qatar.

Of countries that require visa on arrival from Saudi Arabia, Türkiye was the most popular with 60% of bookings 

Besides visa-free travel, Saudi Arabia passport holders also favor countries offering visa-on-arrival options. Among these countries, Türkiye emerged as the clear leader with 60% of bookings, showcasing the popularity of this vibrant destination among Saudi travelers. Indonesia secured the second spot with 17%, followed by Azerbaijan with 9% and Bangladesh with 7%. The list further extends to include Nepal, Maldives, and Iraq.

Wingie remains committed to making travel experiences more accessible and enjoyable for Saudi Arabian users. Wingie provides insights into the most frequented destinations of visa-free countries, to encourage more informed choices.

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