EACON to Deploy 100 Hybrid Autonomous Mining Trucks

BEIJING, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On July 18th, EACON, a leading provider of comprehensive autonomous mining technology and haulage services in China, held a launch ceremony for the deployment of 100 hybrid autonomous mining trucks.

Autonomous Hybrid Electric Mining Trucks

EACON will deploy these trucks at South pit of TBEA, China’s highest-capacity coal mine, marking the largest fleet of autonomous mining trucks within a single mine worldwide. Autonomous driving in mining enhances safety, efficiency, and management.

Founded in 2018, EACON specializes in providing autonomous solutions for open-pit mines. In 2022, EACON intensified focus on new energy mining trucks and established an expert vehicle engineering team for power systems and chassis designs.

The autonomous hybrid mining trucks to be deployed by EACON incorporate EACON’s comprehensive autonomous driving solution and proprietary technologies. These technologies include a plug-in hybrid electric drive system, an intelligent vehicle-wide energy management system, a specialized range extender system for large-tonnage mining trucks, wire-controlled braking, and a fully hydraulic wire-controlled steering system. With 25 patented technologies, these trucks offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability.

During operation, the trucks’ auxiliary power unit (APU) fulfills the vehicle’s normal power demands, while the power batteries compensate for transient power requirements such as climbing or acceleration. The regenerative braking system enables energy recovery during the braking process. Through an integrated intelligent energy management control strategy and thermal management system, the mining trucks have achieved a remarkable maximum fuel saving of up to 30% in various operating conditions. These mining trucks have a robust payload capacity of 90 tons and a product design life exceeding 8 years. With powerful drivetrains, they can conquer slopes of up to 35% and achieve a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

EACON’s autonomous driving solutions deployed successfully across five truck models from three OEMs, including electric, diesel, and hybrid trucks.

As of June 30th, 2023, EACON has accumulated an impressive safety record in autonomous driving, covering a total distance of 1.93 million kilometers and completing over 460,000 trips. These achievements position EACON as a leader in autonomous driving operational mileage and experience in China.

Presently, EACON has deployed over 70 autonomous driving trucks in two open-pit coal mines and one limestone quarry. Since 2023, EACON started a strategic overseas expansion, establishing an Australian subsidiary and aiming to expand globally, including markets in Australia, South America, and the Middle East.

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