CINNOX Launches Revolutionary Virtual Assistant: Elevating Business Intelligence Through Information-Driven Innovations

Revolutionising Enterprise Communication: CINNOX introduces Self-Service AI and Agent-Assist AI, a harmonious fusion of Human and AI to elevate interactions and propel advocacy.

HONG KONG, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  CINNOX, a trailblazer in global enterprise communication and collaboration platform, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking CINNOX Virtual Assistant, a pivotal innovation designed to unleash the full potential of the businesses at The EDGE™ Global AI & Web3 Investment Summit. This launch signifies CINNOX’s unwavering commitment to pioneering information-driven intelligence, enabling businesses to leverage Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) full potential, customised to their distinctive operational needs.

CINNOX Virtual Assistant is helping businesses triple their productivity, marking a new standard in work efficiency. This is just the beginning of its intelligence journey, CINNOX is on a mission to explore every piece of universal information, one data point at a time.

The CINNOX Virtual Assistant sets itself apart with its capability to transform raw data into precise high-dimensional information by connecting diverse channels and systems; backed by its parent company M800’s robust infrastructure and telecom capacity, the CINNOX Virtual Assistant captures complete contextual data beyond mere digital interactions.

Comprising of Self-Service AI and Agent-Assist AI, this innovation represents the harmonious synergy between Human and AI, setting a new standard in work efficiency and delivering a spectrum of benefits that significantly enhance interactions for both customers and agents.

The Self-Service AI integrates a responsive Q&A Bot, precise Intent Identification, an advanced Bot Builder, and a Voice Bot, ensuring seamless and intelligent engagement.

The Agent-Assist AI equips agents with features such as Chat Translation, Audio File Transcription, Auto-Labelling, and Chat Summary, all meticulously designed to optimise productivity and operational efficiency. The innovative CINNOX Copilot offers intelligent suggestions by understanding customer intent, derived from historical interactions and pertinent customer data, while the Bot Builder facilitates an end-to-end automated flow by comprehending customer intent and behaviours. Tone Enhancement aids agents in choosing the most professional and friendly tone and manner, considering the context and customer information, to ensure effective engagement and to foster happy customers.

The CINNOX Virtual Assistant is revolutionising how teams collaborate, enabling seamless sync, push, and pull of high-dimensional data across a business’s tech stack. This not only enhances business intelligence and automation; it also creates synergy across teams and between humans and AI, redefining expectations in organisational intelligence.

CINNOX’s journey, firmly rooted in Information Theory and the principles of entropy, is designed to overcome the limitations of human intellect.

Connectivity & Convergence: CINNOX AI does not just focus on mere data collection; it unifies telephony, social, and digital channels, breaking down silos and transforming daily CX and EX practices into high-dimensional, contextual intelligence that spans time, space, energy, and matter. This empowers the Self-Service AI and Agent-assist AI to learn from the information and revolutionise the total experience, offering precise recommendations to foster both happy teams and happy customers.

Information Synergy: CINNOX champions end-to-end collaboration, breaking silos to facilitate synergy in human-to-human and human-to-AI collaborations. It is a fluid ecosystem where precise data syncs, pushes, and pulls across all systems and tools, enabling a continuously evolving loop of information flow and automated actions, resulting in more productive and intelligent business.

Information Intelligence: Interactions at CINNOX are not just streamlined; they are intuitive, marking the pinnacle of information integration. This synergy is more than the backbone of workflow automation, intelligence, and visibility; it is the essence of enhanced CX and EX, propelling businesses forward with precision and innovation. It is a breakthrough in AI that is set to redefine the way customers seek assistance, agents provide support.

“CINNOX stands at the intersection of complexity and clarity in the digital age.” says Peter Chan, CEO & Founder of CINNOX. “Today’s enterprises require high-dimensional data that delves deeper than mere surface-level, superficial insights. It’s our vision for CINNOX to not only cultivate an intelligent business ecosystem but also to arm enterprises with the perspective and tools they require to elevate their business to unprecedented heights.”

The CINNOX Virtual Assistant is poised to bring a transformative shift in business intelligence. Sign up for free or reach out to CINNOX Bot or our business representatives to witness this groundbreaking innovation in action.


CINNOX, a leading global intelligent platform in Enterprise Communication and Collaboration, bridges complexity and clarity in the digital age. Seamlessly unifying telephony, digital, and social touchpoints, we transform fragmented data into high-dimensional information. Beyond traditional data collection, our platform, rooted in Information Theory, fosters unmatched human-to-human and human-to-AI synergy. With CINNOX, enterprises not only gain deep, information-driven AI and the engagement capabilities for evolution but also cultivate an intelligent business ecosystem. Learn more:

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