CarbonKerma Unveils New Marketplace For Carbon Credits Based On Carbon Capture Technology

HERNDON, Va., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CarbonKerma has launched a blockchain-based marketplace for carbon credits derived from the use of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technology, bringing accountability, measurability, and transparency to the carbon offset market.

Founder and CEO, Irfan K. Ali making the first transaction on CarbonKerma to offset the emissions of a return flight he took from Washington D.C. to San Diego.

The platform is designed to provide carbon capturers with an efficient way to sell carbon credits to companies and consumers seeking to offset their carbon footprints. The platform utilizes the immutability characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and traceability of the carbon that is sunk, traded, and retired. Each sunk tonne of CO2 is represented as a digital token, CKT, on a one-for-one basis.

As Founder and CEO, Irfan K. Ali says:

“CarbonKerma is bringing to market a unique digitized form of CO2 that can be bought in large or small quantities while being traceable, measurable, and removed from the atmosphere under strict regulations.”

In celebration of the platform’s opening, Ali made the first purchase and subsequent burn of CKT to offset a return flight he took from Washington D.C. to San Diego.

CarbonKerma’s marketplace is focused solely on credits based on verified CO2 sequestered or utilized using CCUS technology. CCUS is deployed at hard-to-abate stationary emission sources, like power plants, as well as fertilizer, chemical, cement, and steel-making facilities to capture carbon from emissions before it enters the atmosphere. The process is tightly regulated under a Monitor Report and Verification (MRV) requirement in the US and ISO standards around the world.

The CO2 is then permanently stored in deep geological formations underground, or used in a range of applications. Carbon Capture is considered a key solution to meeting Paris Climate Accord targets.

CCUS has the capacity to help the world rapidly decarbonize while simultaneously ensuring reliable and affordable access to electricity. CarbonKerma’s marketplace for CCUS-derived carbon credits is a simple and convenient way for net emitters to support innovative carbon reduction technologies.

With CCUS as the sole source of carbon credits supported, and a distributed ledger recording all transactions, CarbonKerma is a world-first carbon credit trading platform that guarantees measured, verified, regulated, high-quality carbon credits that are traded and retired in a fully transparent manner.

About CarbonKerma: CarbonKerma is a carbon credit trading platform owned by Virginia-based DigiKerma, Inc. DigiKerma is committed to providing scalable solutions to the energy sector to enable it to fund the cost of implementing Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage facilities and contribute to the rapid decarbonization of industry.


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