American Power Systems launches new line of lower turn-on RPM alternators

Charge secondary battery banks faster, even at idle

DAVENPORT, Iowa, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — American Power Systems, Inc. (APS) has developed a new series of lower turn-on RPM alternators ideal for those needing to fully charge secondary power banks in less time, even while idling.

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The new 130 HPI Series was developed to have a robust lower turn-on RPM, allowing end users to begin charging even at low or idling speeds. Because they turn on faster, secondary power systems can gain a full charge in a shorter period of time than with those alternators that begin output at a higher RPM.

“This new line is a game changer for those needing to rapidly boost their secondary power units,” said American Power Systems, Inc. President & CEO Amy Lank. “Being able to re-charge battery banks from anywhere reduces ‘range anxiety’ drivers feel when their batteries are low, and they aren’t near traditional charging infrastructure. It also means that those types of vehicles become more efficient because they are consuming less fuel and requiring less power from the engine to begin charging.”

The new alternators are ideal for use as a secondary alternator for vehicles with onboard lithium battery bank systems needed to power onboard equipment, including RVs and other vans, yachts and sailboats, work trucks, emergency vehicles and those performing silent watch or other data collection activities.

While some vehicles will still require a high idle in order to charge, the new alternator style also could reduce how much RPM is needed. The new 130 HPI Series also gives vehicles operating under idling ordinances the ability to re-charge equipment quickly while idling for only a short period of time, allowing them to stay in the field longer and get more work done.

The 130 HPI Series includes 24- and 48-volt options with multiple mount types. For technical specifications, please visit the APS blog.

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