A new Secretary General is appointed by the European Parliament

The European Parliament’s Bureau has appointed Alessandro Chiocchetti to be the institution’s new Secretary General. January 1 will mark the start of the new Secretary General’s tenure. According to a statement from the EP, Secretary General Klaus Welle’s resignation will take effect at the end of 2022 after the Bureau approved his resignation in June 2022.

A new Secretary General is appointed by the European ParliamentThe Secretary General is appointed by the Bureau in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament. As part of the process, the members of the Bureau were able to hear four different candidates and ask them questions. Chiocchetti was appointed Secretary General of the European Parliament after a lengthy deliberation by the bureau. The European Parliament’s Secretary-General is its most senior official. The parliament’s administration is headed by him.

Currently, Chiocchetti is the Head of the President’s Cabinet. Previously, he was Director for Legislative and Committees’ Coordination in the Union’s Directorate-General for Internal Policies. Previously, he served as Deputy Head of Cabinet for the President and Cabinet member for two Secretary-Generals. The European Parliament’s Bureau is made up of the President and the 14 Vice-Presidents. Five Quaestors serve as advisors on the Bureau.